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Tom Semple is an artist working in visual, conceptual, relational, environmental, and collaborative realms.

Monday, March 9, 2009

I believe that art is language—a way of communicating—and different kinds of art communicate not only different messages, but they engage different audiences. Therefore, for me, all art is valid, no matter the media or style. (I’m not stating that all art is good, that’s a whole different argument.) Because I would like to make a connection with all sorts of people, I speak (artistically) in many different languages, inviting people to engage with the work at whatever level of understanding they fined themselves.

A work of relational art may be understood in an academic setting but it might not even be considered art in another setting. Naturalistic painting might come across as simplistic and archaic to some but contemporary and valued by others. Functional art (sometimes referred to as ‘craft.’) is revered by one group while others label it non-art. Often within my work I incorporate different concepts or styles in order to be more inclusive to a larger audience and for the different concepts to create a synergy.

An example might be aspects of realism within an abstraction (Annunciation),
or an aesthetically pleasing setting for a relational work (Aqua Regis), or functional art incorporated into a performative work (Tea Party).

I have put off publishing a web site or blog site because I was concerned that the art that I put up might lock me into something that I might regret in the future. My work continues to evolve and devolve over the years, so that the work I was doing 10 years ago looks nothing like the work I am into now. There are ideas that keep appearing and techniques that I continue to use but the context, the process, and the product is constantly changing. I was concerned that rather than adding a new audience with different tastes, my new work might alienate people who appreciate the older stuff. Conversely, images of older work might alienate someone drawn to the newer stuff. This gets even messier when I consider revisiting older means of working which could eventually alienate everyone. What a mess—and a fearful way of living—and probably a lot of damned foolishness.

So, I have decided to put it all out there and let it fall as it will. I’d appreciate any and all input.


  1. great idea for this site! i say just go for it with the art. but what do you expect from a fellow artist who is in continual metamorphis with the art. Did you sell all of your tea cups? i love those. linda c

  2. Did you get one? I gave them away at the tea party and afterwards. I've got quite a few left. If you would like one or two let me know and I'll bring them when I come in the summer.